about amanda

amanda’s story

After working out hard one summer I would often go to a certain smoothie chain (name withheld to protect the innocent). One day I asked the worker behind the counter what time they had to get there in the morning to juice all of those juices behind them?  She said they are from concentrate, and she only adds water…

I was horrified.

“So you’re telling me that I am adding fake unwanted sugar into my body, and it doesn’t say this anywhere on your menu?”

I said to myself, “Self – if I had my own smoothie joint, I would never use anything from concentrate, and definitely never use sugary juice to mask my ingredients.”

Suddenly the clouds parted, the sun came out, and I’m pretty sure I heard a harp playing. Why don’t I open up my own place?! That’s how i look so good smoothies happened. My smoothies are designed to make you look and feel great from the inside out.

The reason I chose cashew milk as my mixer is because it has 50% more calcium than milk and ZERO grams of sugar per serving. No fake juice, added artificial sweeteners, and nothing from concentrate! Ever.